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More details released about 2-headed baby snake

A state herpetologist released new details about a two-headed baby Eastern copperhead snake found outside a home in Woodbridge, Virginia, WTVR reported.

The snake was examined at the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

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The center received the snake on Sept. 20, according to the center’s website

“It appears as though the left head is more dominant -- it’s generally more active and responsive to stimulus,” the center said on its website. “Radiographs revealed that the two-headed snake has two tracheas (the left one is more developed), two esophaguses (the right one is more developed), and the two heads share one heart and one set of lungs. Based on the anatomy, it would be better for the right head to eat, but it may be a challenge since the left head appears more dominant.”

Photos and video of the snake went viral on Facebook after Virginia Wildlife Management and Control shared them earlier this month, WTVR reported.

Ole Miss considers changing name of journalism school after namesake's social media post

The University of Mississippi is considering changing the name of its School of Journalism after receiving major backlash stemming from a controversial post made on Facebook by the school’s namesake. 

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Ed Meek is a well-known and respected alumnus of Ole Miss, as well as a significant booster for the journalism program. 

The journalism school is named after Meek. 

However, after a post he made on Facebook last Saturday night, school officials are going through the process to consider changing the name. 

Ole Miss Chancellor Jeffrey Vitter said the post had “racial overtones,” according to the school newspaper. 

Vitter sent students and faculty a letter Friday following meetings school officials had with students to voice their concerns and opinions Thursday night

It is unclear how long this process will take or if the school will actually continue the process of considering the name change. 

'Incredible Hulk' star Lou Ferrigno becomes honorary deputy

The newest deputy in a Texas county has a reputation for being mean and green. And the Travis County Sheriff’s Office is more than happy to have actor Lou Ferrigno on its staff.

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Ferrigno, who starred in “The Incredible Hulk” television series from 1978 to 1982, stopped by the Sheriff’s Office on Thursday on his way to Wizard World Comic Con, which began Friday in Austin and runs through Sunday, KXAN reported. 

Ferrigno is a reserve deputy in Los Angeles County, the television station reported. The former bodybuilder said he stopped by the Travis County Sheriff’s Office to offer “encouragement and thanks,” while mugging for photographs with deputies.

Sheriff Sally Hernandez swore Ferrigno in as an honorary deputy, KXAN reported.

British DJ to play Toto's 'Africa' for 5 hours to raise money

A music venue in England wants to do more than simply bless the rains down in Africa.

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The 1982 song by the rock ’n’ roll group Toto will be played for five consecutive hours on Nov. 30 to raise money for an African charity, the BBC reported. Disc jockey Michael Savage will begin playing the song at 11 p.m. and will loop the song until 4 a.m.

"What started out as a really stupid idea from a stupid drunken night out has become a stupid reality," Savage told the BBC. "I feel quite sorry for the bar staff, they're going to be really stuck in the middle."

Savage is hosting the music marathon to raise money for Temwa, a charity based in Bristol that supports people in the rural northern areas of Malawi, the BBC reported.

The musical marathon is raising funds for Temwa, a Bristol-based charity which supports people in remote rural areas of northern Malawi.

California barber criticized for hanging doll of Colin Kaepernick from noose in shop

A Northern California barbershop owner apologized Friday and said he has received death threats after a photograph of a hanging doll in his shop portraying former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick was posted on social media, the Sacramento Bee reported Friday.

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The photograph was taken inside the Bowtie Barbershop in downtown Placerville and depicts a Kaepernick doll hanging from the ceiling by a noose, KTXL reported.

The photograph was taken and shared by a man who wanted only to be known by his first name, Joseph.

"They got Colin Kaepernick hanging from a noose," he wrote on social media.

Kaepernick sparked controversy in 2016 when he began kneeling during the national anthem before NFL games to protest racial inequality and racial injustice.

>> Colin Kaepernick face of Nike’s 30th anniversary ‘Just Do It’ ad campaign

The barbershop owner, known as “Bowtie Barber,” said Kaepernick had been hanging in effigy in his shop since 2016, the Bee reported.

“I want to speak out and publicly make an apology” the barber told the newspaper. He said he had taken the doll down.

"I literally had no idea that I was offending people," Barber told KTXL. "We have a hangman out here called George and so, you know, with the theme of hangtown I hung him. And it was wrong, it was absolutely wrong.”

>> Colin Kaepernick’s ‘I’m With Kap’ sells out in hours

The business’s Yelp page was flooded with one-star reviews Friday.

“Hogwash Racist Buffoon Bowtie Barbershop,” one comment said.

“For some reason the owner of this establishment thinks it’s amusing to hang a Colin Kaepernick doll by a noose. Offensive, racists, and just plain stupid,” according to another poster. “Boycott this business.”

>> Critics suggest Pat Tillman was better choice for Nike campaign

The barber said he hung the doll as a reaction to Kaepernick’s pregame protest.

"I am a die-hard 49ers fan and when that action happened there was a lot portrayed on the 49ers and I took it personally," he told KTXL. "I’m publicly announcing that I apologize. It was the wrong thing for me to do. Absolutely will never happen again. I absolutely see the other side of it. I'm sorry.”

Alabama boy, 13, found naked and chained in home

A woman, her husband and her mother were arrested on child abuse charges Thursday after a 13-year-old boy was found naked and chained in a central Alabama home, reported.

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Nicole Martin, 32, Joshua Daniel Martin, 26, and Vickie Seale Higginbottom, 58, were charged with torture and willful abuse of a child under 18 by the Autauga County Sheriff’s Office, WFSA reported. All three were booked into the Autauga Metro Jail with bond set at $15,000 each, the television station reported.

Autauga County Sheriff Joe Sedinger said deputies received an anonymous tip and went to the home. They found the boy naked and with chains around his ankles and attached to a door, WFSA reported. Deputies said the boy had been chained for a long period of time, the television station reported.

According to court records, the child’s mother and grandmother told investigators the boy was chained because he had kicked his 5-year-old brother the night before, reported.

Going bananas: Texas agents find $18M worth of cocaine in pallets of fruit

Pallets of bananas that went unclaimed at port near Houston yielded a bunch of cocaine worth nearly $18 million, KHOU reported.

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A business in Freeport, Texas, offered two pallets of the fruit to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice because they had not been claimed at the Ports of America, the television station reported.

As two sergeants from the Scott Unit removed the 45 boxes of bananas, they discovered 540 packages of cocaine, KTRK reported.

U.S. Customs officials and DEA agents were called to the scene and estimated the street value of the cocaine at $17,820,000.

"It's a very significant seizure," DEA Special Agent Wendell Campbell told the television station. 

Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman Jeremy Desel told KTRK that one of the boxes of bananas “didn’t seem quite right.”

“They looked inside and saw something extraordinarily suspicious,” Desel told the television station. “(They) raised a red flag to the Customs officials, who started an investigation.”

U.S. Customs did not comment about the discovery, along with the business that offered the donation, KTRK reported.

Sororities at George Mason University reject woman with Down syndrome

An Indiana woman with Down syndrome was not accepted to any sororities at George Mason University because of her disability, her sister claimed.

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AnnCatherine Heigl, a sophomore from Zionsville, was the first person from Indiana to be accepted to the university’s LIFE program -- a full-time program for people with intellectual disabilities -- and made the Fairfax, Virginia, school’s cheerleading squad, the Indianapolis Star reported.

Last week Heigl was one of 288 women to go through recruitment to join one of the school’s eight sororities but received no invitations, the newspaper reported. That irked her older sister, Lillie Heigl who wrote a letter to the head of the university's Greek life.

"Accepting a woman with a disability to a chapter isn't an act of charity, it brings diversity and promotes inclusion," Lillie Heigl wrote. "AnnCatherine is an athlete, she is a friend, she works hard in the classroom, she is funny, and she is accomplished."

Lillie Heigl, a law student at Syracuse University, posted her letter on Twitter and it was retweeted hundreds of times, the Star reported.

The university's Panhellenic Council, the governing body for sororities, issued a statement Wednesday morning, saying it has been working to improve diversity and inclusion, the newspaper reported. However, the statement noted that the council is not able to "dictate our chapters' membership or the process of selecting new members."

"As a council that promotes inclusivity, we recognize that people have been harmed by the decisions of our members," the statement read. "And we are committed to engaging all communities in dialogue on these issues to do better in the future."

"Her heart is broken," AnnCatherine’s mother, Laura Heigl, told the Star. "She is crushed; she is devastated. But AnnCatherine is AnnCatherine. She kind of picks up the pieces and goes on.

"Sometimes we work really hard for something, or we want something, and just because we want it or we work for it doesn't mean we get it." Laura Heigl said. "We have other things waiting for us down the line, and things will work out."

Man accused of walking too close to Old Faithful arrested in Cheyenne

A Colorado man accused of walking too close to the Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park last week faces more charges after he led police on a chase in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the Billings Gazette reported.

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Gabriel Villalva, 27, of Greeley, Colorado, was arrested in Wyoming’s capital city Wednesday after police said he was driving recklessly, the newspaper reported. Police said they used spike strips to stop Villalva after a 15-minute chase in Cheyenne. 

"We don't have a clear motive or anything to it," Cheyenne Police Department spokesman Kevin Malatesta told KECI. "I can say one of the things he was arrested on is DUI. We suspect that controlled substances and alcohol may have been a contributing factor in this."

On Tuesday, four citations were filed against Villalva for allegedly walking on the cone of Old Faithful on Sept. 14 and refusing to step away from the geyser when told to do so. Tourists videotaped a man who resembled Villalva sitting next to the iconic landmark, the Gazette reported.

Father of actress Sandra Bullock dead at 93

John Bullock, the father of actress Sandra Bullock, died Tuesday, Us Magazine reported. He was 93.

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John Bullock was preceded in death by his wife and Sandra Bullock’s mother, opera singer Helga Meyer, who died in 2000, the magazine reported.

Sandra Bullock’s younger sister, Gesine Bullock-Prado, confirmed her father’s death on Wednesday and wrote about his military career, ETOnline reported.

"John Wilson Bullock February 11, 1925 - September 18, 2018," she wrote. "Beloved baby brother, American #WWII #bronzestar #veteran, husband, father of 4 strong women, #grandpa, adorable scamp, handsome devil, and trickster to the end."

Sandra Bullock has not commented yet about her father's death, ETOnline reported.

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